How does 7strategy SEO reporting deliver results?

7strategy provides comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) reports to give your business everything it needs for marketing campaign performance evaluation. Every single month, the SEO experts at 7strategy customize your reports to be simple to read yet include all the important details and metrics for maximizing your marketing budget.

Our monthly SEO Reporting includes the following types of reports:

Advanced Web Ranking - how your website ranks for keyword searches in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Baseline Report - the number of places your website’s domain is mentioned online.

Online Presence Report - the number of places your website’s domain is mentioned online and the number of back links to your website.

External - Inbound Link Report - what links from external domains are directing traffic to your website.

Page Rank Report - what your page ranking is and how it has changed over time.

Article Distribution Report - list of sites where your articles have been posted.

Press Release Distribution Report - list of sites where your press releases have been posted.

Every 7strategy report is formulated to explain simply and succinctly the performance of your business's online marketing campaigns. Instead of sending a document full of numbers and statistics which can be difficult to read and interpret, our experts sit down with you to help you fully understand each report’s significance and how it can help your business generate customers and revenue.

Your business receives these reports every month, and we customize each report to emphasize the data that are the most important to help you make important business decisions, increase your online profile and generate revenue.

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